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​The Digital Bread KDP Rapid Fire Self-Publishing training course. How I went from 0 journals, workbooks, planners, & notebooks to over 1300 from Oct. 4th to Oct 27th (3weeks).  Learn how I am able to publish hundreds of books a day to Kindle Direct Publishing legally (legally of course) using their interface, a bit of organization, a little form automation, and the proper order of clicks and page saves to rapidly upload manuscripts and covers to KDP.

​If you're just starting get Rebecca Holman's excellent course
Journal Tsunami 2.0 This will get you up to speed on creating journals rapidly.

Happy Thanksgiving Activity Book Graphics Set
96 Images Including a Few Mazes & Puzzle

Regular $21 Now Only
$14 on sale

This is an activity book graphics pack for the Thanksgiving Holiday. All of the images were taken from public domain resources, cleaned up and enhanced to the possible highest resolution possible for images of this type. There are 96 items, some color items for your covers, coloring images, some I personally made from vector images, some Thanksgiving themed mazes and puzzles and included the blank mazes for future activity books. I personally used this set on my own activity books already live on Amazon.

​Workbooks, Planners, Journals & Notebooks

These are just a sampling of our published workbooks, planners, journals and notebooks on listed for sale on Each time you visit this page you will see a new sampling of 16 books. Click on any of them to read the details and purchase. See all our books by going to the Book Table or
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CHRONIC ILLNESS - Pattern Catching, Symptom Tracking Journal There are literally thousands of chronic diseases and conditions that leave people[...]
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The BIBLE, Studying, & Journaling The Bible “Word of God” is the greatest book ever written. It’s actually 66 books[...]
PTSD Wellness Tracking Journal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder DAILY TRACKER
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Pattern Catching & Wellness Tracking Journal There are literally thousands of chronic diseases, physical & mental[...]
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The second of 4 rules to personal money management and budgeting. Do this every time without fail, put away 10%[...]
How Journal Tsunami 2.0 Low Content Publishing Course Changed My Life
My name is Russ McCabe and I’m an 18 year, self-employed, Internet entrepreneur, software developer & graphic designer. Up until[...]
PLAY – The 4, Four Letter Word Budget, Word Four
Here’s the easiest one, that probably hurts the most at first. The fouth of 4 rules to personal money management[...]
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