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“​KDP Rapid Fire​”

Watch this video to discover how ​KDP Rapid Fire will revolutionize the way you ​publish journals, workbooks, notebooks and planners to Kindle ​Direct ​Publishing.

  • ​SECRET To Opening the Cover Viewer M​​UCH FASTER is Revealed
  • ​No More Filling Out That First Page Form Manually With the Same Info Over & Over ​Again
  • Organizing for the Ability to Leverage One or More Assistants
  • ​​Upload Journals, Notebooks, Planners & Workbooks to KDP at a rate of one every 1 minute and 20 seconds
  • Finish publishing your Journals, Notebooks, Planners & Workbooks Very Fast with my Finishing Up Technique

The Savy Blogger

Wow! This is lickety-split fast! GREAT technique!

Julie Coffman

Caroline on KDP Rapid-Fire Self-Publishing Course

The KDP Rapid-Fire Self-Publishing course has been awesome! I sat down and fired through each lesson and was thrilled with Russ's system. He's created a simple, super fast way to list his/our/your books onto KDP. Anyone who is serious about KDP should definitely buy this course, you won't regret it!


​KDP Rapid Fire Just Got Faster

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​Russ McCabe

​Creator of
KDP Rapid Fire

​My first journal was Oct 4th and that I posted over 500 (more like 680 give or take a few) on October the 27th with a total of over 1300 ​journals, workbooks, planners and notebooks posted on KDP in three weeks.

​The Digital Bread KDP Rapid Fire Self-Publishing training course. How I went from 0 journals, workbooks, planners, & notebooks to over 1300 from Oct. 4th to Oct 27th (3weeks).

Learn how I am able to publish hundreds of books a day to Kindle Direct Publishing legally (legally of course) using their interface, a bit of organization, a little form automation, and the proper order of clicks and page saves to rapidly upload manuscripts and covers to KDP.

This course is for those who already have manuscripts and covers created and ready to be uploaded. You'll need a bunch to post a bunch.

If you're just starting get Rebecca Holman's excellent course
Journal Tsunami 2.0

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